Deep Stone Crypt 1-Month Pass

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You will get

Guaranteed Rewards:

4-weeks plan:

  • Access to the Lighthouse
  • Pinnacle Adept Trials Weapon
  • Adept Weapon Mod
  • Pinnacle Trials Gear (flawless)
  • 3x Trials Gear (for 3, 5 and 7 wins)
  • Trials Emblems: Hardened By Trial and Flawless Empyrean



Extra rewards:


  • Confidence is High Triumph completed (optional)
  • Guardian of the Lighthouse Triumph completed (optional)
  • Random gear and EXP for your Season Pass



A chance to get a unique:


  • Lantern Shell Trials Exotic Ghost
  • Resurrection’s Guide Trials Exotic Sparrow


  • 1231+ Power Level. Your character level is not high enough? Please take a look at our Power Leveling service!

  • Access to the Trials of Osiris Passage


Discounted 4-weeks Trials of Osiris Pass. Get unique Trials Armor, Pinnacle Adept Weapons introduced in Beyond Light, and travel to the Lighthouse by yourself.

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