Harbringer Mission

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You will get

Guaranteed rewards:


  • 2 Randomly rolled Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannons for each character
  • The Catalyst for the Hawkmoon unlocked



Extra rewards:


  • Random Armor and Weapons
  • EXP for your Season Pass and Artifact


  • 1251+ Power Level
  • 1271+ Power Level for the Triumphs
  • Must have unlocked The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon
  • Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt


The Harbinger mission is be available once you have unlocked the Hawkmoon. You can complete the mission every week on each character to get 2 randomly rolled Hawkmoon for each completion and the catalyst for the first one.

System & Character

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Available Options

Mission Completion

+ $15

Completion for 3 characters

+ $45

Alpha Hunter

Complete the activity “Harbinger” solo without dying

+ $79

Hunter Killer

Complete the activity “Harbinger” in 15 minutes or less

+ $29
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