Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected

~directive = KILL while enemies = PRESENT: execute(directive)~

Exotic Pulse Rifle

From $50

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Outbreak Perfected
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We will perform those stages of the quest that you have chosen.

Complete Transponder Explore Lost Sectors
Zero Hour mission Complete the mission and aquire Outbreak Perfected
Heroic Zero Hour Catalyst unlock, 20% SIVA Particulate catalyst progress
Heroic Zero Hour + Configuration run x1 33% ship schematic and SIVA Particulate catalyst progress
Full Ship Schematic + Catalyst completion Heroic Zero Hour + Configuration run 3 times, 3 weeks plan.
Quarantine Zone emblem. Expedited Exfiltration triumph, Quarantine Zone special emblem.
We can customize the price depending on your progress..
Select the step of the quest where you left off
Select the desired steps of the quest that we will have to do
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