Pit of Heresy

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You will get

Guaranteed rewards:

  • Moon Dreambane Armor
  • Masterworked Pinnacle Dreambane Armor Piece
  • Sanguine Static Emblem
  • Usurper Triumph (solo completion)
  • Savior of the Deep Triumph (solo flawless completion)
  • Crimson Echoes Emblem (solo flawless completion)



Extra rewards:


  • Chance to get dungeon specific Premonition Pulse Rifle
  • Chance to get dungeon specific Bane of Tyrants Ship


  • Shadowkeep Expansion
  • Pit of Heresy unlocked

System & Character

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Available Options

Solo completion

+ $14

Flawless completion

+ $29

Solo Flawless completion

The Savior of the Deep Triumph

+ $65
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Grand Total: $19
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