Trials Of Osiris

Trials Of Osiris

Guaranteed Flawless Trials of Osiris Passage
Rewards this week (01.15 - 01.19) :
3 wins - Rocket Launcher;
5 wins - Fusion Rifle;
7 wins - Shotgun;
Flawless - Helmet, Adept Projectile Speed mod.

Confidence Passage unlocks after the first Flawless run on your character. Passage of Confidence is available only during one event after the regular flawless passage. Regular passage is not included in the price and must be paid separately.

Our team members complete the task as intended by the developer.
We do not use any illegal methods. Any risk on the part of the client is impossible.

Flawless Passage


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Important Information
Basic requirements:
  1. You must have access to the Trials of Osiris
  2. Highly recommended Power Level 1241+
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Trials Of Osiris
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Flawless Passage Account Recovery
Flawless Passage for 3 characters Account Recovery
$117 $99
Confidence Passage You must have been flawless this week to have this unlocked
Self-Play Flawless Passage Play with our team
Full Armor Set for one character Multiple weeks plan
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