Weekly Pinnacle Rewards

Weekly Pinnacle Rewards

Bundles are your best bet to exceed the softcap (1050 Power) and maximize your Power level. Our boosters will receive for you a complete list of weekly rewards available and much more at a great discount.

You will get:

Guaranteed 11 PvE Pinnacle Rewards:
1. Prophecy Dungeon Completion
2. Garden of Salvation Raid
3. Nightfall: The Ordeal 100K Completion
4. Pit of Heresy
5. Nightmare Hunt on Master Difficulty
6. Weekly Vanguard Challenge
7. Weekly Gambit Challenge
Various PvE Rewards (RNG-based):
1. New Prophecy Weapons
2. Season Pass and Artifact experience boost
3. Raid Gear and Weapons
4. Legendary Gear

Guaranteed 2 PvP Pinnacle Rewards
1. Trials of Osiris – Flawless Completion
2. Weekly Crucible Core Playlist Challenge
Various PvP Rewards:
1. Access to the Lighthouse
2. Trials of Osiris – 3 powerful items (Gear or Weapons)
3. Trials Emblems: Hardened By Trial and Flawless Empyrean
4. A chance to get a unique Lantern Shell Trials Exotic Ghost and/or Resurrection’s Guide Trials Exotic Sparrow
5. Crucible Gear



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Important Information
  1. Power Level: 1010+
  2. Pinnacle rewards are most valuable after the softcap of 1050 Power is reached.)
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Weekly Pinnacle Rewards
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